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CHIAPAS: Explore one of the Mayan kingdoms who dominated the shores of the Usumacinta river

BEACH: how to get at Tulum beach in Quintana Roo

We recommend these 5 places to live a complete experience in Chiapas...

OAXACA: The waterfalls called "Hierve el agua" are located in the high mountains of Oaxaca

QUINTANA ROO: discover how to go to this magic town with a beautiful lagoon

YUCATAN: this mayan city has a beautiful architecture style called "pu'uk"

YUCATAN: one spot to birdwatch flamingos

YUCATAN: Explore the corners of the Mayan underworld and discover the most hidden cenotes

YUCATÁN: Discover amazing places of Yucatán following our suggested travel route

OAXACA: The coastal area of Oaxaca has many bays that can be visited, this is a nudist place!

YUCATAN: discover more about cenotes in the mayan world

CHIAPAS: beautiful buildings of the mayan culture

CHIAPAS: natural park in a mountain area with lagoons

Chiapas is one of the states of Mexico with great biodiversity and culture, in all its territory you can appreciate landscapes with great geographical contrast.

CHIAPAS: explore nature visiting this amazing waterfall

CHIAPAS: enjoy a boat tour in this canyon of Chiapas.

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