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5 destinations to know the Mayan Riviera in Quintana Roo.

When we heard “Riviera Maya” we immediately thought of Cancun, beaches, hotels and lots of entertainment; some relate the term to the entire coast of the state Quintana Roo, but originally refers to a coastal area no greater than 140 km.

The Mayan Riviera covers all the cities and beaches between the municipalities of Puerto Morelos (located in the north of the state) and Punta Allen (located south of the municipality of Tulum), Cancun does not officially belong because it is located more to the north of Puerto Morelos, but It does not prevent it from being an incredible place.

Destinations Guide in Quintana Roo

In any case, the term “riviera maya” has become so strong and popular that throughout the state of Quintana Roo it is used to name hotels, restaurants, t-shirts and all the products you can imagine.

Here we present some mandatory destinations to know all the variety of destinations offered by the Mayan Riviera:

1.- Playa del Carmen and the nightlife

This is the ideal place for those who enjoy the cosmopolitan life of nightlife, relax in the morning on the beach and stay awake at night in the nightclubs.

Unquestionably this city popularly called Playa is the ideal destination to experience the nightlife as the variety of entertainment is very wide, the main tourist area is located on a 2km long street called 5th avenue where you will find many hotels, agencies of travel, restaurants and stores.

Another distinctive feature of Playa is its proximity to Cozumel Island, since from here you take the ferry to visit it.

How to go:
Playa del Carmen


2.- Xcaret

An eco-archaeological park full of Mexican culture and traditions, in which you will find natural wonders such as: beaches, cenotes, underground rivers and animals in captivity; They present diverse shows throughout the park that tell the history and culture of Mexico.

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This place is ideal to buy an all-inclusive ticket and enjoy the rest of the day with friends or family.

The park is so big that to perform all the activities you must hurry to explore it, or just enjoy your favorites and relax as you can cool off in different water points.

Quintana Roo Travel Guide

3.- Akumal

Place of turtles is the meaning of its name in Mayan language, this bay is a natural sanctuary to protect them and when you snorkel you can watch them graze peacefully on the seabed.

You can swim freely in its shallow waters while you respect and care for these marine creatures, since you can disturb the species if you swim very close to them and try to touch them; Because of the high tourist impact for some seasons this activity is prohibited to provide a rest time.

Akumal is ideal for observing marine fauna.

Hotels and restaurants are located a few meters from the beach, its use is public, you can access it without cost.

How to go:
Bahía Akumal


4.-Tulum, archeological site.

The Mayan culture is the main attraction of this area, you can not miss this incredible destination to appreciate the prehispanic architecture of this ancient city.

Its original name is Saama which in the Mayan language means: dawn. The current name Tulum with which this archaeological zone is recognized means: walled city, because the hallmark of this site is the great barrier or wall built in stone that surrounds the city.

On the site you can enjoy a beautiful beach almost at the end of the route, and of course the landscape is surprising.

How to go 
Tulum, archeological site


5.-Punta Allen

It is one of the most jungle and rustic destinations of the Mayan Riviera, from the town of Tulum you must travel 58 km of sandy roads following the signs to Boca Paila until you reach the town of Javier Rojo.

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Punta Allen is located at the end of a small arm of land separated from the coast to the south of Quintana Roo, to drive on the sandy trail you can see on the left the incredible Caribbean Sea with its blue tones and on the right side the wild nature with a coastal forest of low height, in some parts it is possible to visualize the lagoon that separates this small peninsula from the coast.


Do not forget that the area of the Caribbean Sea is too extensive and there are more destinations that will surely fascinate you, we chose this list to show you the variety of options you can visit in the Riviera Maya.

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