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5 must know destinations if you plan to travel to Chiapas Mx

Chiapas is one of the states with the greatest biodiversity in Mexico, in all its territory you can appreciate landscapes of great geographic contrast, from beaches to mountains, cold and hot climates.

We know that one of the most important factors of a trip is time, so here we list 5 destinations that you must visit to get a complete experience when you want to know the incredible territory of Chiapas.

We will start by showing you the destinations closest to the capital, so you can visit them in an order similar to our list:

1.-Cañón del sumidero & viewpoints

Its formation is due to a geological fault formed millions of years ago, water and wind were responsible for carving the walls of the canyon that now reach more than 900 m.

Through the impressive rock formations, a boat ride is made navigating the Grijalva River, which increased its water level thanks to the construction of the Chicoasen hydroelectric dam where the journey ends to return to Chiapa de Corzo at full speed enjoying the cool wind.

Formerly the stream that crossed the canyon was scarce meters deep with a fierce force especially in the rainy season, now the deepest part measures 200m and favors the conservation of crocodiles that inhabit this ecosystem.

How to go:
Cañón del Sumidero


2.-Chiapa de Corzo, magic town.

This was one of the first areas of prehispanic settlement in the region and when the Spaniards arrived, strong battles were fought, the legend says that the Chiapanecas before being conquered preferred to fight to the death in these lands.

The culture and gastronomic wealth of the place speaks for itself, do not forget to try the wide variety of tamales wrapped in banana leaf and the cream cheese of the region.

How to go:
Chiapa de Corzo, magic town.

3.-Region “Altos Tsotsil Tseltal”

This region is popularly known as “Los altos de Chiapas”, administratively its name is “Región V-Altos Tsotsil Tseltal” and is integrated by 17 municipalities located in the Chiapas highlands, these towns preserve great traditions.

The most touristy point of this area is the San Cristóbal de las Casas municipality recognized as a magical town. Here you will find various lodging options, restaurants, shops and travel agencies with many ecotourism activities.

Other places of interest in San Cristóbal de las Casas (SCLC):
-Looking in the church of El Cerrito.
-Museum of amber.
– Tourist guides (streets: “real de Guadalupe”, “Miguel Hidalgo”, and “November 20”).
-Park natural “Caves of new ranch”.
– Amatenango del Valle

How to go to San Cristóbal de las Casas?


4.-Waterfall “El aguacero”

Located in the area of the Sierra Madre, this waterfall breaks through the mountains to impress with its fall of water between the walls of the Rio La Venta Canyon.

The downpour is a suitable place to spend a field day with family or friends.

To appreciate this paradise you must go down 800 steps from the top of the canyon to the base where you can admire the waterfall, in rainy season the route is not very safe because the level of the water rises up to cover the paths, leaving only a path of stones between the river.


5.-Sima de las Cotorras

In the middle of the low forest is a natural subsidence of 140 meters deep with cylindrical boundaries where they mainly inhabit: parrots and swallows; At the bottom of the sinking live rodents, crawling animals and a variety of plants that enjoy moisture.

The Chasm de las Cotorras is very close to the capital, a car trip to this destination takes less than an hour. When you arrive you can walk the entire circumference walking and rappel on the walls.

How to go:
Sima de las cotorras

Chiapas is an incredible place, we missed the area of the coast and more attractive destinations of the jungle; Write your comments and tell us if you have visited any of these wonderful landscapes.

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