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8 must-see destinations in Yucatan Mx

Yucatan is located in the south of Mexico north of the Yucatan peninsula, bordering the states of Quintana Roo to the east and west with Campeche.

The sites that you can visit in the state are innumerable, however, to know all the diversity we are going to recommend some …


1-Uxmal (ancient maya city)

One of the ancient Mayan cities is Uxmal, located in the area of the Chenes (now southern Yucatan) its architectural style with abundant decorations is called Pu’uk and this is the Mayan cities more remarkable with respect to the architecture compared to the other with the same style.

TIP: to arrive by car, 1½ hours will be necessary on the Mérida-Chetumal highway.

How to go Uxmal


2-Chichén Itzá

It was the most important Mayan capital of the region in the post-classical period, the architectural style is due to the different stages of development that this society had over time and its high influence of the Toltec culture from the center of the country; One of the most important buildings is the castle of Kukulkán (Mayan deity) located in the central esplanade of the site.

Top of the temple to Kukulkan / Chichen Itza, Yucatan.

How to go Chichén Itzá


3-Museum of the Mayan World

Before traveling to any part of the state, we suggest you visit this museum in Merida, the capital city of Yucatan, in its different rooms you will learn everything about the Mayans and their history.

How to go



It was the first maritime port in the state, currently its quiet beach provide an ideal place to relax; Nearby you will see mangroves (wetlands) and observe flamingos during the hot winter.

How to go Sisal



This incredible natural sanctuary offers refuge to the pink flamingo during the migratory season, a main characteristic of the Yucatan coast are the wetlands and in these there are many creatures that tolerate brackish water with abundant red mangrove roots.

How to go Celestún


6-Izamal Magic Town

It is characterized by having all the buildings in the historic center painted yellow, it was the scene of the greatest evangelization that the Mayan people received by orders of Friar Diego de Landa, this explains the immense convent of appreciable architecture located in the center of the town.

The atmosphere of the place is quite calm and relaxing, we recommend visiting: the convent and the archaeological zone.


7-Ek-balam Mayan Ruins

“The city of the Black Jaguar”, comes from the Mayan words Ek = star or black color and Balam = Jaguar. The researchers attribute this name to a character who ruled this city for 40 years, the architecture is admirable and from the highest building you can see the jungle as a carpet of green foliage.



65 million years ago the earth was hit by a meteorite that measured approximately 10 km in diameter in Yucatan, exactly in Chicxulub, this contributed to the formation of the soil and with the passage of time arose the cenotes.

Recommended, more about cenotes:
What are cenotes?
Cenote Kankirixche
Cenote Noh-moson

We hope your trip to Yucatán is incredible …

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