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Arcotete Park | Chiapas Mx

Arcotete, nature formed this incredible arch under a hill, thanks to the erosion of the water that opened its way millions of years ago. Now it is an ecotourism center.

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How to get

How to get to Arcotete by public transport:

Walking route:
From the central plaza, he walks seven blocks on the Calle Real de Guadalupe to the church of Guadalupe; When you arrive you will see some uphill stairs and a small park, on the right hand side of this park is Francisco I. Madero street, in this corner take a public transport marked with the R-7 route that leads to La Garita.

This group will begin to leave the city and will drive on a small road, the entrance to the Arcotete park is almost opposite the Santa Teresita charro canvas. Remember to tell the driver that you want to get off at the entrance to the park as it is very close.

From the entrance on the road you must walk a couple of kilometers to get there, you can ask for a lift.


Route in collective transport:
From the market you can take the R7 bus that takes you to La Garita, the tour can take a lot more than half an hour to leave the center, remember that when the bus leaves the city you are approaching the entrance, remember the driver you go to. Arcotete

From the entrance you must walk a few kilometers until you reach the park.


How to get to Arcotete by car:
To avoid all the traffic in the city in which you can get lost, we recommend you to drive on Boulevard Juan Sabines or Avenida de las Americas, which later becomes a highway. Drive as if you were Comitan de Dominguez. Immediately after leaving the city you will see a gas station (see map) accompanied by an oxxo, turn left on the next avenue called Alcantores and follow that route until you reach La Garita, then turn right and you will see the entrance to the Arcotete.



Price: $20.00

About of

Destination / attraction
Stone arch “The arcotete”
San Cristóbal de las Casas


Meaning of the name
His name is due to the legend of the enamored gentleman Jean Francoise D’arcecete

The fogotico river with the course of the years stalk in the stone an arch that now has great height, small caves were formed and the river flows under the hill through the arch.


Legend has it that a gentleman named Francoise D’arcete fell in love with the young Maria de Jesus and they were hidden behind their families in the stone arch, where they swore eternal love and agreed to take their own lives if they could not join in marriage.

Another gentleman wanted to court Maria de Jesus but the Francoise prevented him, so he challenged him to a duel and young Francoise was victorious, for which reason he was taken to prison for killing the opposing knight. Mary died of sadness while she was separated from the young man.

Francoise, on serving his sentence, sought Mary and, knowing the news of his death, took his own life under the stone arch in the fogotico river.


It is highly recommended to prepare a family field day and enjoy the day at the park.

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