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Bacalar Lagoon Magic Town | Quintana Roo

Bacalar Surely you heard about this destination for its famous lagoon of seven colors, it is located in the south of Quintana Roo very close to Chetumal.

The atmosphere of this magical town is very relaxing, you can enjoy many outdoor activities and water sports in the lagoon.

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How to get

How to get to Laguna Bacalar by public transport:

From Cancun
Take a bus with an approximate price of $ 400 and duration of 5 hours to Bacalar, the destination terminal is on the road and you only have to walk to the lagoon a couple of kilometers between the streets of the town.

From Mérida
ADO bus with approximate price of $ 442. °° and 5 hours of travel, European Class bus with approximate price of $ 350 6 hours journey.

Second recommended route from Merida

Taking a bus to Tulum (here there is beach and archaeological zone) where you can spend a night and then continue towards Bacalar taking another bus ($ 200, 3 hours).

To move in the town of Bacalar you do not need a vehicle if you are in the downtown area, unless you have made a reservation in a very distant hotel (these are more removed from the center on the shore of the lagoon to the south in a highway).


How to get to Laguna Bacalar by car:

From Cancun
The route lasts a little more than 5 hours on federal highway 307 in a southerly direction, crossing Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Felipe Carrillo Puerto until arriving at Bacalar.

There are no toll booths in this section.

About of

Destination | Attraction:
Bacalar Magical town and lagoon of the 7 colors.
Quintana Roo


Meaning of the name:
Bacalar is a Castilianized word of the Mayan language “Baak’Jalal” from the words Baak ‘= Tangled or around and Jalal = Reed plant. Therefore Bacalar means place surrounded by reeds.

The Mayans named this place well between the years 415 to 435d.C. for the amount of this plant (reed) that was on the banks of the lagoon, you can still see this plant.


It is a small town located in the south of Quintana Roo, very close to the coast, it is considered a magical town due to its characteristics in the Tourism Program “Magical Towns”.

Its main attraction that has given popularity to this destination is its lagoon that has 7 different shades of blue, the best time to appreciate such impressive colors is after noon when the sun is at your back when you look towards the lagoon.

The lagoon has a linear shape, very similar to a river when viewed from the map, however it has a connection to the sea (mouth) very far, but seven cenotes located in different parts are what nourish this huge lake water.


The history of this area begins in pre-Hispanic times when the Mayan Itza tribe (Itzaes) came to found the city between 415 and 435 AD. calling the place “Siibal Ka’an Baak ‘Jalal” (in Spanish it can be interpreted as “Gift of the sky surrounded by reeds” by the Mayan words Siibal = gift, Kaán = sky, Baak’ = around or surrounded, Jalal = plant of reed that grows on the banks of the lagoon).

It is thought that they left the area in the year 495, and around 1461 AD. other city-states (kuchkabales) were established occupying the area.

At the time of the Spanish conquest the Villa Real was founded by Alonso Dávila by order of Francisco de Montejo, it did not last long because it was abandoned by the Mayan attacks they received. In 1544 they founded the population of Salamanca de Bacalar after defeating the Mayans.

Although at that time (1639) the town of Salamanca Bacalar was a port with commercial function, was attacked by rebellious Maya and also by pirates who assaulted and kidnapped priests who could take them to other lands they knew.

That’s why on the shore of the lake in Bacalar is built a small Baluarte, located just in front of the canal that gave access to the pirates to the lagoon (that’s why they call it “Canal de los Piratas”).

Prices for tickets, activities and transportation may vary over time.


Weather in Laguna Bacalar
Warm subhumid with rainfall in summer, but the variation in rainfall causes three subtypes of this climate to form.

The average annual temperature ranges between 25 ° and 27 ° C.

The dominant winds are those that come from the Caribbean Sea.