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Bonampak archeological mayan site | Chiapas Mx

Bonampak es una antigua ciudad maya situada en la historia dentro del periodo Clásico; su principal distintivo son los murales que conservan una gran calidad, pintados en el interior de un edificio.

La ciudad fue abandonada al fin del siglo VIII.

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How to get

Location reference:
At 134 km from the city of Palenque is the “San Javier” cruise, 15 km from this transept is the archaeological zone of Bonampak, in Ocosingo, Chiapas.


How to get to Bonampak by public transport:

Palenque – Lacanja Chansayab:
You can take a public transport at the rotunda or roundabout called the Mayan head near the truck station to the “Shupà” cruise.

From “Shupa” take another transport to the cruise “San Javier” 134 km from Palenque, in “San Javier” take a taxi to the community Lacanja Chansayab 15km from the cruise.

In Lacanja you can hire a tour to Bonampak, or directly hire the tour from the cruise “San Javier”

$ 10.00 Palenque city – cruise “shupà”
$ 50.00 cruise “shupà” – cruise “san javier”


How to get to Bonampak by car:

Tuxtla Gtz. – Lacanja Chansayab:
Drive to the municipality of San Cristobal de las Casas on the federal highway 190, cross the city in the direction of Comitán de Domínguez, further on there is a detour to the federal highway 199 San Cristóbal-Ocosingo that leads to Palenque town.

Before reaching the town of Palenque, you will arrive at a cruise named “Shupà” with a detour to two roads, one to Palenque and another to the Bonampak archaeological zone.

Choose the road to Bonampak (Federal Highway 307), drive until you reach the San Javier cruise where you will find a hut to enter the community lacanjá or bonampak

City Palenque – Lacanja Chansayab:
Drive to the roundabout or roundabout “Mayan head” in the city of Palenque and take the detour to the ruins of Palenque on Highway 199.

You will arrive at a cruise called “shupà”; take the left deviation towards Benemérito, following the signs to the Bonampak archaeological zone until you reach the “San Javier” cruise where you will find the house to enter.

134 km palenque -cruise “San Javier”
15 km “San Javier” cruise – bonampak ruins



Guided Tours




Price: $46.00

Schedule: 8:00h – 16:30h


Free access to children under thirteen, retired and pensioners, INSEN, teachers and students with valid credentials; Sunday free admission to national and foreign visitors who prove their residence in Mexico.

About of

Destination / Attraction
Bonampak, archaeological zone


Meaning of the name
Bonampak means “painted walls” in the Mayan language, since the interior of a building has painted murals that tell the story of this Mayan city.


It is an ancient city of Mayan culture, is located in the valley of Lacanjá in the Selva Lacandona region of Chiapas. The extension of the city is 4 km² allowing visits in the permitted area.


The earliest date that has been identified in archaeological materials corresponds to the Classic period, approximately from the year 250d.C.

For the year 746 AD the cities of Yaxchilán and Bonampak had defeated the city Lacanjá in battle, subject to the dominion of Bonampak.

The last ruler of Bonampak was Chaan Muan 2 who ascended the throne in 776 AD. ; the city was abandoned at the end of the 8th century.

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