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Cenote Yaalutsil [sinkhole] Yucatán Mx

Cenote Yaalutsil. Open type with vertical walls, underground tunnels adapted for speleobuceo, the depth varies from 7m to 40m in the deepest zone, access by diagonal stairs.

Yaalutsil in the Mayan language is interpreted as a good son or son of someone beautiful.

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How to get

How to get to Cenote Yaalutsil by public transport:

In the center of the city of Mérida take a public transport on 67th street between 50 and 52, which leads to Abalá, if the route you took does not continue towards Mucuyché (next town) you will have to take a second transport, it can be another combi or a moto-taxi to get to the cenote in Mucuyché.

When you descend from the transport to the middle of the narrow road you will see a dirt road that leads to the cenote, it is a 2 km route from the road to the cenote (remember to ask the driver where the entrance to the cenote is located).


How to get to Cenote Yaalustil by car:
From the city of Mérida, drive towards Itzáes Avenue following the signs to Campeche, there are two ways to get there, the shortest is avoiding the town of Uman.

When leaving the city on Itzaes Avenue you will reach a bridge that crosses the peripheral circuit, right in the middle there will be a deviation to the right that you must follow to take the cut route, otherwise you will continue straight on the road to Uman.

After this you will drive a little on the peripheral ring, and you will turn aside to the right following the signs towards Campeche; You will see a gas station just before the detour.

Later on the road you will make a third detour, again to the right, just after passing under a bridge you will see a sign towards UXMAL and CHETUMAL; avoid following the road to Campeche and Maxcanú so as not to take the long route.

After driving 20 minutes (approx.) On the road you will be very close to Abalá, the detour on this occasion will be on the left.

To get to the next town called Mucuyché where the cenote yaalutsil is located, you must go through Abalá.





Price: $10.00 mxn aprox

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Cenote Yaalutsil
Yucatán Mexico
Abalá – Mukuyché


Yaalutsil in Mayan language is interpreted as: good son or son of someone beautiful.

The Abalá municipality formerly known as: Abalha = place where the plum juice is taken, because it derives from the Mayan words: Abal = plum and Á contraction of Há = water.

Open type cenote with vertical walls, underground tunnels adapted for speleobuceo, the depth varies from 7 m to 40 m in the deepest zone, access by diagonal stairs.

Prices for tickets, activities and transportation may vary over time.

Where to eat

Local food


There are no restaurants in the area, sometimes local citizens place cakes and other regional snacks.


The weather in Yaalutsil

Temperatures vary between 24 – 31 ° C, average rainfall 1 000 – 1 100 mm. Warm subhumid with rain in summer, with lower humidity (100%).