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Chiapa de Corzo [Magic Town] Chiapas Mx

The Chiapaneca / Soctones tribe lived in Napiniacá (now Chiapa de Corzo), now it is a magical town with a lot of tradition and culture.

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How to get

How to get to Chiapa de Corzo by public transport:
On the central avenue of Tuxtla Gtz. there is a bus terminal or bus stop (combis) that takes Chiapa de Corzo for $ 10.00 mxn, it is located just in front of the Jaime Sabines Cultural Center on the central avenue in the center of Colonia.

(Central Avenue between 11th and 13th East streets)

Upon arrival you must get off at the central square of Chiapa de Corzo, you can easily recognize it.


Tour boat

Price: $190,00 mxn

Schedule: 8:00 - 16:00h


Enjoy a boat ride through the walls of the canyon, it is an emblematic site of Chiapas.



In the main square are the walkways or arches with craft stalls, sweets, drinks; some restaurants and other stores.


We recommend exploring the main walkways to the zocalo and the nearby streets.

About of

Destination / Attraction:
Chiapa de Corzo, magical town.
Chiapa de Corzo


Meaning of the name:
His anitguo name was Villa Real de Chiapa, later his name was modified to Chiapa de Corzo in 1881 by the surname of Angel Albino Corzo a character originally from this destination.


It is currently a magical town of Chiapas and its population was 73,552 inhabitants in 2008. The most attractive destinations of the place are: the main square (zocalo), boat rides through the sinkhole, tourist walkways to buy handicrafts and the regional food restaurants.


The town developed around a large tree known as ceiba or pochota, for the year 1528 the Spanish colony was founded by Captain Diego de Mazariegos.

Before the Spanish conquest the region was inhabited by the Chiapancas or Soctones and the place was called Napiniacá (now Chiapa de Corzo), the population was reduced during the battles of the conquest.

Some historical accounts tell how some Indians preferred to go to the canyon before being conquered (Bernal Díaz del Castillo), after numerous battles against the Aztecs and the Spaniards, in the 18th century the diseases ended up reducing the population.


We recommend first making the boat ride through the canyon of the sink in the morning, to enjoy the ride with little sun. Then browse in the town to taste the cuisine and buy crafts.

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