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Chucumaltik sinkhole | Chiapas Mx

Cenote chucumaltik. To the southeast of Chiapas near the border with Guatemala, part of the land becomes karstic type that allows the formation of open cenotes.

Some are so large that at first glance they look like crystalline water lakes, however, under the subsoil they are connected by tunnels that provide a constant flow of current; The Chucumaltik cenote is one of the most beautiful examples of this Chiapas geography.

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Destination / Attraction:
Cucumaltik, cenote.
Comitán de Domínguez


Meaning of the name:
In dialect Tojolabal means The hidden beauty


Between middle hills this immense cenote is hidden with crystalline water, its depth exceeds 60 meters deep, in the lower parts it reaches approximately 6 meters.

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