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Colon Lakes | Chiapas Mx

It is a majestic system of interconnected lakes of crystal clear turquoise water.

There are approximately 44 lakes of varied sizes and in this place is the archaeological zone “El Lagartero” attributed to the Mayan culture of the pre-classical period; the area of lagoons comprises 350 hectares.

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How to get

How to get there by public transport:

Comitán de Domínguez to Lagos de Colón:
In Comitan, you will have to take a public transport van on Boulevard Belisario Domínguez between streets 1 and 2 South Poniente, you will find several transport stations, we recommend the companies TRF and TAOSA, which are almost opposite one another.

You must take the route to Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, but you must get off earlier, on the road in the “Lagos de Colón Cruise” remember to ask the driver that you wish to descend there.

In TAOSA the cost to go to the cruise is $ 40, the trucks leave every 15 minutes from 4:00 am until 8:30 pm.

The cruise is a deviation on the road where there are shops and sometimes restaurants, here you will find a taxi station (Tsuru car for 4 people plus driver) which you must take to go to Lagos de Colón (approximate cost $ 20 per person).

The return is the same way.


How to get to Lagos de Colón by car:

From Tuxtla Gtz drive to San Cristobal de las Casas by highway (40min), the free road is full of curves and is dangerous especially for those who do not usually handle curves (fee of $ 45).

Then drive to Comitán de Dominguez by highway 190 (3: 30hours) and from there leads to the municipality “La Trinitaria” (30min), 40 km after the Trinidadian will be the deviation to Lagos de Colón marked with blue road signs , from this point will be 11km to the lakes.



Price: $100 -150.00

Descripcion: $100 -150.00

Built of cement and wood around the main lake, to eat and rest in the shade.



Price: $30.00

Boat tour

Price: $50.00


To navigate your own among lakes and rivers.
$ 50 the tour with the guide, capacity for 4 more people.

About of

Destination | attraction
Lakes of Columbus
The Trinitarian
Christopher Columbus


Meaning of the name
They are named after the name of the Christopher Columbus ejido where the lakes are located.


44 lakes of varied sizes interconnected, the hue of the water creates a beautiful landscape of crystal clear water; in this zone is the archaeological zone “El Lagartero” attributed to the Mayan culture of the pre-Classical period; the area of ​​lagoons comprises 350 hectares. It also has 3 streams, waterfalls, 3 rivers, and a system of caves called “Grutas del Arco”


The explorer John Lloyd Stephens comments in his writings on the incomparable beauty of the place when he looked for the Mayan ruins in the 19th century, he was impressed by the crystal clear water and the variety of big fish swimming with tranquility.


It is very advisable to spend all day in this destination, take food and spend time with friends or family in the single-family palapas.

Prices for tickets, activities and transportation may vary over time.

Where to eat

Horario: 7:00am – 7:00pm todos los días.

Price range: Drinks $10-$40, Food $65-$75


Located next to the main lagoon very close to the family palapas.

Where to sleep:

Cabins / Rooms

Price range: Rooms with fan, television, and a double bed $ 150; cabins $ 500; camping $ 100.