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Isla Mujeres Mexican Caribbean | Quintana Roo

Isla Mujeres, since prehispanic times this island has been inhabited, for the Mayan culture it was a special sanctuary to worship the goddess Ixchel.

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How to get

How to get to Isla Mujeres by car:

From the hotel zone of Cancun:
The bus R-1 runs along the boulevard Kukulkán that crosses the hotel zone, take this transport to get to the city center where you can take a combi / collective transport to the ferry port.

There are two options to cross to the island, ULTRAMAR is a private company focused mainly on tourism and in PUNTA SAM there is the traditional ferry where cargo and car transports cross (it also takes passengers).

The main difference between these two companies is the availability of schedules and price, Ultramar offers a more suitable service for tourists with more continuous schedules and Puerto Juarez has cheaper prices with more separated schedules.


How to get to Isla Mujeres by car:

If you leave from the hotel zone, drive on Boulevard Kukulkan towards the center of the city, when you reach Bonampak Avenue, turn right and drive until the end, you will find Lopez Portillo Avenue and turn right again; later on, following that same path without deviating, you will observe the Ultramar station and one kilometer later, there will be Puerto Juarez.


Rent Golf-car

Price: (Aprox.) $900 24h - $600 half day

Schedule: 8:00 AM - 5:00PM


On the island you will find several businesses that rent golf carts for 24 hours, 12 hours or individual hours depending on the contract you request. You will need a current driving ID to leave as a guarantee


The island is approximately 8km long, in order to visit Isla Mujeres and enjoy it at the same time we recommend you rent a golf cart.

Snorkel Isla Mujeres

Price: $300 a $400 mxn


Normally the practice of snorkeling requires a boat to approach the reef area, in Isla Mujeres you can practice this activity for free if you have your own viewfinder, since in the northern tip there is a small shallow beach with a small set of reefs.

About of

Destination / Attraction:
Mujeres Island / Isla Mujeres
Quintana Roo
Isla Mujeres


It is a municipality belonging to the state of Quintana Roo, it has become a very popular tourist destination for its beautiful beach and Caribbean atmosphere.

The island is divided mainly into the tourist area and the urban area where there is a greater concentration of local inhabitants.


Punta Norte: there is a greater concentration of hotels, restaurants and commerce directed to tourism; This area has shallow beaches ideal for swimming and snorkeling.


Punta Sur: this part of the island is wider and has a greater number of streets and colonies, many condominiums and houses for rent are located here; topographically the southern tip has a higher ground with rocky cliffs instead of sandy beaches.


The beach on the west side is safer and more water activities are practiced; On the other hand, the east beach is exposed to the open sea and its waves are more violent and insecure.


Meaning of the name:
The Mayan culture frequented this island to pay tribute to the goddess Ixchel, related to fertility and sexuality; At the time of the Spanish conquest, many figures and sculptures with the shape of a woman were found, they were tributes to the goddess offered by the Maya of the manor (kuchkaabal) Ekcab and with the passage of time acquired the modern name “Isla Mujeres”


In some texts written by Spanish conquistadores it is mentioned that the island had mainly a religious use to worship Ixchel, a goddess related to the moon and fertility.

Prices and other data may vary over time, please notify us of any changes.


Weather in Isla Mujeres
The average annual rainfall is 2,832 mm., The minimum average monthly precipitation is 50 mm. In the month of April, and the maximum of 556 mm.

In the month of September, according to the statistics of the last forty years.

In the rainy season, from June to September, it is the cyclonic season and of greater intensity in the months of August and September and during the months of November and December the northern season prevails (cold front).

Isla Mujeres, is located on the east coast of the continent, so it is influenced by hot ocean currents, mainly the Gulf of Mexico Current, which promotes a warm and rainy climate. The average annual temperature ranges between 25.5 degrees Celsius.

The annual total of rainfall ranges between 1,000 and 1,300 millimeters. The east and southeast winds predominate; During the summer the area is affected by tropical storms and cyclones. Hurricane season begins in mid-June; The most affected months are September, October and November.