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Lacanjá Chansayab Lacandon Jungle Camp | Chiapas Mx

Lacanjá Chansayab, a Lacandon community located in the jungle zone of the state of Chiapas. It has ecotourist camps and tours to the jungle. In this region of Chiapas you can see waterfalls and ethnic communities. Rafting is another popular activity due to the strong currents of the rivers.

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How to get


134 km on the federal highway 307 of Palenque and 10 km in direction to the community from the San Javier cruise, in the jungle zone, Ocosingo, Chiapas.


How to get to Lacanjá by public transport:

Palenque village – Lacanjá Chansayab:
Take a public transport in the street May 5, jalatlaco neighborhood in the city of Palenque, also from the rotunda or roundabout called Mayan head towards the San Javier cruise to 120km, on the cruise takes a taxi that takes you to the community Lacanja Chansayab at 15km where you can choose from the variety of camps that the community has; you must pay to enter the community on the cruise

Type of transport, prices and routes:
$ 60.00 per person approx. Palenque city – cruise San Javier
$ 70.00 per person approx. San Javier Cruise – Lacanja Chansayab community


How to get to Lacanjá by car:

From Tuxtla Gtz
Drive to the municipality of San Cristobal de las Casas on federal highway 190, cross the city on the same road to find a detour to the federal highway 199 San Cristobal-Ocosingo later, follow the signs to Palenque.

Before arriving to the city of Palenque you will arrive at a cruise called “Shupà”, this cruise will have signs to the archaeological zone Bonampak with the singo of the federal highway 307, until arriving at the cruise San Javier leads to the house to enter the community lacanjá

From Palenque (town)
Drive to the roundabout or roundabout “Mayan head” in the city of Palenque and take the deviation to the ruins of Palenque on Highway 199, you will arrive at a cruise named “Shupà”; take the left deviation towards Benemerito, following the signs to the Bonampak archaeological zone until you reach the San Javier cruise where you will find the booth established by the community to enter.

120 km apxo. Palenque town to cruise San Javier.


Transportation to Yaxchilán archaeological zone

Price: $400.00

Descripcion: $400.00

$ 400.00 1 to 4 people up to Yaxchilan jetty
$ 100.00 more, if you want to wait for the return of the tour to the archaeological zone
$ 500.00 guide in yaxchilan 1 to 6 people

Transportation to Bonampak archaeological zone

Price: $80.00

Descripcion: $80.00

Transfer includes round trip transportation with 1 hour waiting time to visit the archaeological zone.

Note: $80.00

1 hour is not enough to visit the archaeological zone Yaxchilán, contemplate this in your itinerary and expenses.


Access to the Lacandon community

Price: $25.00


At the entrance to the community there is a wooden hut where a fee is charged for accessing the area.

Tour in the jungle

Price: $ 400.00 1 to 10 people $ 800.00 11 to 20 people


8km trail in the direction of the reserve of the blue mountains.
The tours can be day or night, the price of night tours is higher, the prices are handled by groups in that way because, 10 people is the maximum number of people who can take care of a guide.


You can ask for the trip at the reception or restaurant.
Use cool clothes and mosquito repellent.
Take enough water with you for the trip.
Travel light, prepared to wet, muddy your shoes and sweat in this super fun tour.
Waterproof in rainy season.

About of

Destination / attraction
Camps in Lacanjá Chansayab
Lacanjá Chansayab


Meaning of the name
The term “Lacandones” is considered to refer to all the indigenous rebels who inhabited the jungle during the colonial period (Boremanse, 1978). However, it has also been proposed that originally it referred to a specific group speaking the Chortí language, which inhabited a small island located on the Lacantún river, at the southern end of the jungle. Its members called themselves “those of Lacam-Tún”, which means in Chortí “big rock” or “erect stone”. When being Castilianized, the word became Lacandón or Lacandones (De Vos, 1980).


This locality is located in the jungle region, located within the “Montes Azules” reserve, which allows a quite pleasant approach to nature. The camps have everything necessary to provide home-cooked meals and lodging in cabins, shared rooms or camping. Some telephone companies lack satellite coverage in this area.


During the Spanish conquest several military incursions were made to eradicate the rebellious natives, who escaped to the jungles seeking refuge in the dense nature. Different groups (tribes) took refuge in the area of ​​the Chiapaneca jungle and it is thought that the Lacandones were one of those groups, or possibly all the groups that took refuge in that area.


It is worth visiting this destination for several days, due to the route and location you will be near other recommended destinations that you can visit:
-Bonampak archaeological zone
-Yaxchilan archaeological zone
-Cases Welib-ha
Swallows-the swallows

Prices and other data may vary over time, please notify us of any changes.

Where to eat

Camp restaurant


Fried chicken with garnish, with handmade tortillas, quesadillas with handmade tortilla.

Price range: $60.00 a $80.00

Where to sleep:

Cabins and camps

Price range: (Approximate) $ 200.00 private cabin, payment per person: 2 double beds, integrated bathroom, fan, mosquito net, hot water, windows with curtains, chairs outside in corridor. $ 100.00 rustic cabin, payment per person: 1 double bed, shared bathroom outside the room, mosquito net, no fan. $ 100.00 Community room bunk beds, payment per person: 11 single beds, 1 double bed in a room without fan with shared bathroom. $ 40.00 hammock in a palapa $ 50.00 per person, camping area.


The cabins are located in the community 15km from the San Javier cruise.