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Market 20 of November | Oaxaca Mx

Market November 20. It is located right in the center of the city, it is also known as the food market or meat market, therefore, it is a highly recommended place to taste the regional cuisine of Oaxaca; you will find desegreens up to prehispanic drinks like tejate.

Next to this market is another called Benito Juárez where you will find other types of products.

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How to get

The market is 2 blocks from the zócalo (main square), in Aldama street between Flores Magón and 20 de Noviembre.

About of

Destination / Attraction: Market November 20, Meat Market or Food Market.
Country: MEXICO
State: Oaxaca
Municipality: Oaxaca de Juárez


Meaning of the name: It is so called because on November 20, 1910 the Mexican revolution began, it is also called “food market” by the food section; Another name is often “meat market” because of the abundant positions that offer roast meats.


Description: The market is located 2 blocks from the main square (zócalo), right next to the other market called “Benito Juárez”. It is the best place to taste regional food since the prices are quite accessible, you can have breakfast and eat:

Chicken in red, green or black mole.
Coloradito (chicken with mole).
Tlayudas with different ingredients: chorizo, avocado, cheese, beans, beef stew, tomato.
Water chocolate (drink).
White atole (drink).
Tlayuda with accent.
Seasoned crickets.

Tips: Highly recommended to eat here during your stay in Oaxaca.

Prices and other data may vary over time, please notify us of any change you identify.

Where to eat

Homemade food

Price range: $60.00 mxn, per dish with garnish, some offer drinks included.