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Monte Albán archeological zapoteca site | Oaxaca Mx

Monte Albán zona arqueológica, en el valle central de Oaxaca, a 8 kilómetros del centro de la ciudad, se encuentra sobre uno de los cerros más altos la legendaria ciudad zapoteca fundada 500 años antes de Cristo.

En la cima del cerro edificaron más de 300 estructuras y tallaron la historia en 32 estelas de piedra.

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How to get

How to get to Monte Albán by public transport:

Around the archaeological zone there are many houses through which a public transport passes, however they do not take you to the top of the hill where Monte Albán is, the easiest way is to pay for transportation in the travel agencies that charge between $ 50 and $ 60 for taking you to this place.

In the main zocalo of the city there are several tourism businesses that have this service, just ask in the tourist information modules they recommend; If you walk a bit around the park (zocalo) you will see signs offering this service.


How to get to Monte Albán by car:

From the center of the city look for Las Casas street that leads to the central supply, you will cross the peripheral that surrounds the city and you will look for Valerio Trujano avenue that starts very close to the same supply center.

When driving on “Valeria Trujano” you will see signs towards “Monte Albán”.

It is 8km from the zócalo to the archaeological zone.

About of

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Monte Albán
Oaxaca de Juárez


Meaning of the name
We do not have data of the original name, Sacred Mountain (Danibaan), Hill of the jaguar or Hill of the Tiger (Danibéeje) are some nicknames that have assigned him.


In the central valley of Oaxaca, 8 kilometers from the center of the city, is located on one of the highest hills the legendary Zapotec city founded 500 years before Christ.


One of the most important features of this Zapotec city is undoubtedly the political development that was obtained during 13 centuries since its foundation in the year 500ª.C. until 800d.C.

This means that in order to maintain order and control over all the towns surrounding Monte Albán, the governing elite was able to govern a synergy, that is, a joint work of the whole territory for the city to develop throughout its existence.

This denotes in a great way the good political character that this society had, because the dominion over the masses to avoid a civil war destroyed this society for thirteen centuries.

This qualifies Monte Alban as the city with the greatest political dominance and the first with the state government system in Mesoamerica.


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