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Montes Molina House Museum | Mérida Yuc Mx

House Museum, Montes Molina. Inside this house you can admire architecture, decoration and furniture representative of the Porfiriato era.

Built by orders of Don Aurelio Portundo and Barceló at the end of the 19th century, by the same architects responsible for the Peón Contreras Theater, it was later sold to Don Avelino Montes, a character married to María Molina Figueroa of Yucatecan origin.

Everything in the house remains as if Don Avelino lived there, including a woman named Carmelita who worked in the house since she was 17 years old and still lives in the house as part of the story.

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How to get

Paseo de Montejo Nº 469 between 33 and 35, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc.

How to get there by walking
It is located in one of the most famous and oldest avenues of Merida, “the Paseo Montejo”.

From the central square of the city’s central park, there are 13 blocks walking north on 60th street in the direction of “Paseo Montejo” avenue.



Price: $ 50.00 Adults $ 30.00 Children

Schedule: Guided tours in Spanish: 10: 00h, 12: 00h, 14: 00h and 16: 00h. Guided tours in English: 9: 00h, 11: 00h, 15: 00h.


You can visit this house museum only on guided tours. 1: 00h guided tour.

About of

Destination | attraction
Montes Moilna House Museum





Of eclectic architecture with neoclassical tendency, La Quinta Montes Molina is a representative construction of the period of the Porfiriato and the great henequen boom in Yucatan.

As it has always been a living house, it preserves furniture of the different times through which it has passed, and in it we can find many details that help us to better understand the customs of the homes of the families of ancestry of Merida at the beginning of the century XX.

Now it works as a museum to observe the old house, they also offer rental services for events.

Prices and other information may vary with time, please notify us of any changes