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Museum of Mayan World | Yucatán Mx

Museum of the Mayan World, Mérida Yuc. The museum exhibits a magnificent collection of more than 1,160 pieces that allows you to enjoy the splendor of the Mayan culture.

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60 North Street No. 299 Revolution Unit
C.P.97110. Merida Yuc.
(999) 341.04.35

Located north of the city, next to the SIGLO XXI convention center



Price: General admission $ 150.00 | National $ 100.00 | Yucatecos $ 50.00 | Children, seniors, teachers and students $ 25.00

Schedule: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday - Sunday


Free entry for residents in Yucatán presenting official document.

About of

Destination | attraction
Great Museum of the Mayan World





The museum exhibits a magnificent collection of over 1,160 pieces that allows you to enjoy, among other examples, textiles, religious objects and various items that reflect the current daily life of the Mayans; There are also engravings, books and historical documents, as well as artistic and religious works of the viceregal period.

You should not forget the collection of pre-Hispanic times that include stelae, bas-reliefs and sculptures in stone; pottery, trousseau and ceramic offerings, as well as adornments and luxury objects of gold, jade and shell.

In this museum you will find:

Room and projection on the Chicxulub asteroid “How did the dinosaurs become extinct?”

Four permanent rooms:

Room 1: The Mayab, Nature and Culture: Takes into account the richness and geographical and human diversity of this region so peculiar to the Mayan world, in which this site is focused.

Room 2: Mayas de Hoy: It makes a reflection on the current conditions of the Mayans addressing aspects such as its economy, education, ceremonies and daily life.

Room 3: Mayas de Ayer: It shows the drastic economic, political and social transformations that began at the time of the conquest.

Room 4: Ancient Mayans: Exhibits what this society was like in antiquity, its vision of the world, its knowledge and its art.