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Museum Pinacoteca Juan Gamboa G. | Yucatán Mx

Historical monument of the seventeenth century that belonged to the Jesuits during the viceroyalty (1618-1767).

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Calle 59 between 60 and 58, Historic Center of Mérida Yuctán.

A block and a half from the big square / central park.

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Pinacoteca Juan Gamboa Guzmán


The State Pinacoteca “Juan Gamboa Guzmán” was inaugurated in July 1981, in a historical monument of the XVII century that belonged to the Jesuits during the viceroyalty (1618-1767): the San Francisco Javier school, later converted into a university and , later, in the church of El Jesús.

The main hall of the museum was the sacristy of the temple of El Jesús, which between 1894 and 1979 functioned as the Manuel Cepeda Peraza public library.

The temporary exhibition hall, roofed with a vaulted vault, was the “red confessional,” where the Jesuits confessed.

Both the room with works by Gamboa Guzmán, where there is a baroque staircase, and the upper floor, where the Bronze Mayas and the Historical Halls of the Rulers are located, were part of the old Jesuit university.

Source: INAH

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