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Noh-moson cenote [sinkhole] Yucatán Mx

Cenote Noh-moson. Of semi-open type with vault, it has a height of 9m from the surface to the water, 30m in diameter, minimum depth of 7m and maximum more than 45mts; It is also an ideal place to practice a little hiking and camping.

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How to get

How to get to cenote Noh-moson public transport:

From downtown Mérida, take a bus to the town of Telchaquillo (not to be confused with Telchac port), the approximate price is $ 23.00; Once you arrive in Telchaquillo you can take a van (combi) to the police station Pixyá (ejido).

The transport will leave in the center of Pixyá, ask the citizens where the cenote “nohmozon” is located (in a southeasterly direction) and walk 6 km on a path between ranches to reach the cenote.


How to get to the cenote Noh-moson by car:
From the center of Mérida, drive on 59th street or on the colonias circuit avenue, until you reach the highway exit to Cancún, a few kilometers after leaving Mérida you will see a detour to Chetumal and Acanceh.

Drive on this road until you see the detour to the left to the town “Telchaquillo”, then drive to the ejido Pixyá.




The bathrooms are not in clean conditions.



Price: $30.00 mx aprox

About of

Destination | attraction


Meaning of the name
In Mayan language it means great swirl, coming from the words Noh = big and Moson = swirl.


Cenote type semiabierto with vault, has height of 9 m from the surface to water, 30 m in diameter, minimum depth of 7 m and maximum more than 45 mts.

Prices for tickets, activities and transportation may vary over time.

Where to sleep:


Price range: $30.00


Camping, in cenote. (The place does not have hotels or hostels nearby)


The weather in Noh-moson

Warm sub humid with rains in summer. During this time the so-called mid-summer droughts occur when the rains are suspended, it has an average annual temperature of 24.5º C and an average annual rainfall of 41.9 millimeters. The prevailing winds come in a direction east west and southeast northwest.