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Palenque archeological mayan site | Chiapas Mx

Palenque is one of the most important old Mayan cities of Chiapas. It has its beginnings in a small village of farmers and hunters; later it became one of the most important cities of the Classic period(250-900 a.C.).

In 1981 it was declared a National Park and Archaeological Monuments Zone covering 781 hectares of jungle

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How to get

How to get to Palenque z.a. by public transport

From Tuxtla Gutiérrez:
You can take the bus directly to the Palenque municipality in the bus terminal in Tuxtla Gtz located on Avenida 5 Norte Poniente, next to the Las Américas shopping plaza.
Approximate price $ 336.00 mxn

The second and more complex option is to travel in scales taking 3 Sprinter vans in the following route:
Starting in Tuxtla Gtz -a-> San Cristobal de las Casas -a-> Ocosingo -a-> Palenque.
Approximate price $ 200.00 mxn


How to get to Palenque z.a. by car:

From Tuxtla Gtz:
The most common route requires approximately 6 hours of travel at precautionary speeds, the route by car departs from Tuxtla Tgz. making a stopover in San Cristóbal and Ocosingo to finish in Palenque.
(Tuxtla Gtz -> San Cristóbal -> Ocosingo -> Palenque.)

Drive to Chiapa de Corzo through the central avenue if you want to know the city, or by any way south or north to avoid the downtown traffic.

When you leave the city and before reaching Chiapa de Corzo you will start to see signs to the magical town of San Cristobal de las Casas (recommended destination), when you arrive, cross the city towards Rancho Nuevo or Comitán de Domínguez looking for the signs of the deviation to Ocosingo; the Ocosingo-Palenque route is dangerous due to the steep curves of the road.

The archaeological zone is 7 kilometers from the town.



Price: $00.00

Descripcion: $00.00

Located next to the ticket office, and inside the archaeological zone.

Guided tour

Price: $300-900



Price: $65.00 mxn

Schedule: Monday-Sunday 08:00 a 17:00 h.

About of

Destination / attraction
Palenque archaeological zone


Meaning of the name
Inscriptions dating from the classical period (250-900 AD) name the place “Lakamha” which is interpreted as “fenced by a wooden fence” in the Mayan language of that period.


It is an ancient city of the Mayan culture of the Classic period (250-900d.C.) Located in the northern part of Chiapas, in which 1478 structures of various sizes have been identified, the general public has access to 200 structures in the area of jungle designated for the Palenque National Park.

The buildings are stranded in the middle of the jungle surrounded by nature, often during the day roars of the howling monkey and other species are heard.


The first ruler of the B’aakal dynasty was the K’uk ‘B’ahlam 1 man who came to power in the early fourth century BC. in a city called Tok Tahn whose location is unknown.

The dynasty came to Lakamha led by the third ruler named B’utz’aj Sak Chiihk, where the National Archaeological Park is currently located.

The splendor of the city was lived between the years 615 and 783d.C. For the year 800 AD its population was close to 8,000 inhabitants and after these years its decline began without knowing exactly the reason.


Other important rulers:
Ix Yo’hl Ik’nal was a woman who came to power as the 7th ruler, one of the first and few rulers of the Mayan world in the Classic period; died in the year 604 AD

In 615 AD comes to power K’ihnich Janaab ‘Pakal with only 12 years old, thanks to his young life and long government manages to recover the splendor of the city that had been lost after wars lost against the Kaanu’l dynasty of Dzibanché.


To make the tour is necessary at least 2.3 hours, the entrance and exit to the site are far from each other; It is highly recommended to bring water and clothes or accessories to cover the sun.

Prices of tickets, activities and other data may vary over time, if you detect any please notify us.

Where to eat

Roadside stands


Street stalls At the entrance and exit of the archaeological site you will find small stalls offering sandwiches, empanadas, tacos and other snacks....

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