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Playa Del Carmen [beach + nightlife] Quintana Roo, Mx

Playa Del Carmen is one of the most popular destinations of the Mayan Riviera and the peninsula, its origins lie in the ancient Mayan city Xaman Ha, located in the heart of a condominium in the city.

In recent years it has had an impressive development increasing the amount of trade, a destination that you will surely enjoy.

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How to get

How to get to Playa del Carmen by public transport:

From Cancun
On Tulum Avenue and the corner of Bonampak Avenue is the ADO bus station with routes to Playa Del Carmen for $ 64.00 mxn, departures every 30 minutes.

Directly opposite the station is the Comercial Mexicana supermarket, on its left side there is a small station of vans that travel to Playa Del Carmen and Tulum for $ 40-50 mxn with departures every 30 minutes.

From Tulum town
In the central avenue between Jupiter Street and Alfa of the town Tulum you will find some stationed vans that take you to Playa Del Carmen and Cancun for $ 40-50 mxn

About of

Destination / Attraction:
Playa del Carmen (city)
Quintana Roo


Playa Del Carmen is the head of the Solidaridad municipality of the Quintana Roo state; one of the destinations with high commercial activity in the riviera maya, you will find an impressive number of restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, hostels, shops and shopping centers.

The tourist activity takes place on the 5th avenue which measures approximately 2 kilometers, through this and in the nearby streets you will find an endless number of tourist products and services.

It has become a global tourist destination, foreign and national investment have increased dramatically in recent years, for 2013 generated an economic income of 1,700 million pesos.


When the Spanish arrived in 1526, the Mayan city was still inhabited, and their meeting was peaceful thanks to the translators that Nahúm Pat, the Halach-Winik of Cozumel Island, had given to the conquerors. (Sipse news, May 18, 2014.)

That city was Xaman Ha, an ancient Mayan settlement belonging to the Ecab lordship, to which the cities also belonged: Tulum, Cobá, Tankah and Polé.

In 1902 it was incorporated as federal territory of Quintana Roo, at the beginning of the 20th century it was developed with chicleros and copreros fields.


Walking on 5th Avenue is a basic activity if you visit this destination.

Prices and other data may vary over time, please notify us of any changes.


The weather in Playa del Carmen
Temperature 24 – 30 ° C / Rain 1 100 – 1 500 mm / Warm subhumid with rain in summer, higher humidity (78.79%) and warm subhumid with rain in summer, medium humidity (21.21%) / Recommended to wear fresh clothes.