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Puerto Progreso beach | Yucatán Mx

Puerto Progreso, This is the most important in the state of Yucatan, here you can enjoy several restaurants by the beach, stroll along the boardwalk and perform various activities.

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How to get

How to get to Puerto Progreso by public transport:

From the center of Mérida on 62nd Street between 65 and 57 you will find the AUTO-PROGRESO bus terminal, here you can take a bus ($ 17 mxn) to Puerto Progreso, the trip takes approximately 1 hour depending on vehicular traffic.

Some trucks can pick up passengers on all 60 avenue also called Technological Avenue while they DO NOT have the sign that says “DIRECT”, since these buses pass by to go to Progreso, so you will avoid going to the city center to take the truck .

The destination terminal is 4 blocks from the beach in Progreso, if you buy a round ticket you will save a couple of pesos.


How to get to Puerto Progreso by car:
From any part of the city of Merida leads to the 60 avenue, once on this leads in the direction of the north of the city to hit the road following the signs to Progreso, there is no fee for this section.

By car the route lasts 38 – 50 minutes respecting the speed limit.

About of

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Beach, Puerto Progreso
Progress of Castro


This port is the most important in the state of Yucatan, here you can enjoy several restaurants on the shore of the beach, walk along the boardwalk and perform various activities.


This port arose as a need to move the customs to a place closer than the old port Sisal, was founded on July 1 of the year 1871.


Important events…

1871 The 1st of July was opened the commerce of height and cabotage
1871 The first telegraph line was established.
1875 On January 8, the first City Council was formed.
1875 On October 4 a decree of the state government granted to the then Villa de Progreso, the rank of city.
1875 The construction of the Municipal Palace began.
1881 The loading and passage service by rail is inaugurated.
1893 On May 5 the lighthouse was inaugurated.
1906 On February 5, the President of the Republic, General Porfirio Díaz Mori, arrived at the meeting.
1911 In the month of January and during his presidential campaign, the candidate Don Francisco I. Madero visited Progreso.
1936 The Danish company “Christiane & Nielsen” started the construction work of the current fiscal wharf.
1947 The construction of the new fiscal dock concludes.
1968 Puerto de Abrigo “Yucalpetén” opens.



The weather in Puerto Progreso

Its climate is dry, semi-warm at the north, west and northwest extremes. Temperate semi-dry in the extreme center, south and west of the municipality. Its annual average temperature is 26.3º C and its average annual rainfall of 24.9 millimeters. The prevailing winds blow in a southwest direction.