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Samula y X’keken cenotes [sinkholes] Yucatán Mx

Cenote samula and x’keken. Legend has it that these cenotes were discovered by ancient settlers while they hunted while following a native pig from the jungle, nowadays it is an ecotourism park totally adapted to tourism.

They are located near Valladolid, a highly recommended destination.

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How to get

How to get to cenote x’keken and samulá by car:

These cenotes are located in the town of Dzitnup, a town on the outskirts of Valladolid, to get there it is advisable to take the federal highway 180 without fees.

From Merida drive to Cancun, later after 30-45 minutes of walking approx. On the road you will see a sign for the village Kantunil that you must follow to take the route without fee; You will drive through several towns such as: Holcá -> Free Union -> Yokdzonot -> Pisté -> X-calakop -> Kaua -> Cuncunul -> Ebtún.

After the last town we mentioned (Ebtún) there will be a deviation to the right to access the town Dzitnup, in this stretch will be the cenotes.

Valladolid is 20 minutes away. if you continue on the road without diverting to Dzitnup.


How to get to cenote x’keken and samulá by public transport:

Getting to these cenotes by public transport requires a long journey, you must take different transports and walk a few kilometers.




Restaurant buffet

Price: $150 aprox.



Price: $140.00 aprox

Schedule: 8:00am-8:00pm

About of

Destination / Attraction:
Two cenotes – Samula and X’keken


Meaning of the name:
X’keken means: pig / pig in Mayan language, ancient settlers chased this animal when they found the entrance to the cave of the cenote.

Samula possibly means: piled water or gathered water, of the words Ha = water and Muul = to gather or stack.

They are also known as “cenote dzitnup” since they are located in this locality.

Both cenotes are closed type, Samulá has a much larger vault in volume and has a root hanging from an upper hole; the X’keken cenote although its vault is smaller offers an incredible panorama by the rocky formation that formed the filtration of the water.

We recommend visiting this destination after knowing the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá.

Prices and other data may vary over time, please notify us of any changes.


Temperature 24 – 26 ° C / Rain 1 100 – 1 500 mm / Warm subhumid with rain in summer, medium humidity (99.67%) and warm subhumid with rain in summer, with higher humidity (0.33%)