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San Antonio Mulix [sinkholes Dzonbacal & Xbatún] Yucatán Mx

Cenotes of San Antonio Mulix. The southern zone of Yucatan has many ruins of haciendas and cenotes, two of these are in San Antonio Mulix and are amazing rock formations with crystal clear water, the cenotes are called: Dzonbacal and Xbatún.

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How to get

How to get to Cenotes de San Antonio Mulix by public transport:

There are two options to reach these cenotes using public transport.

By Yaxcopoil village
Take a bus to Muna ($ 30 aprox) from the ORIENTE terminal and ask the driver to stop at the side of the road to descend and walk to the Yaxcopoil town (San Antonio Mulix is ​​far from the road).

When you get to Yaxcopoil (town) you can visit a hacienda where henequen was produced and take a taxi (tricycle-motorized) that takes you directly to San Antonio Mulix where is the entrance to the ecotourism center that manages the cenotes.

If they can not take you directly, ask them to leave you in the nearest town of Cacao, and in this one ask another moto-taxi to take you to the cenotes.

From Uman town
Take a truck in the center of Mérida (65th streets between 56 and 54) very close to Lucas de Gálvez market, which has a sign “UMAN” written on the glass ($ 10 aprox), this will take you to this town near Mérida and from there you will hire the service of any truck that is willing to take you to the cenotes.

Around the central park in Umán there will be many vans that transport people to Merida and other nearby towns, these are the ones that take you to the cenotes if you need it, however the cost for doing it exceeds $ 400 per round trip and many drivers abuse charging $ 600 or $ 800, the cenotes are located 30 km from this place, that’s why we recommend you to be aware of how much they will charge you and be accompanied by several people to divide the cost.


How to get to Cenotes de San Antonio Mulix by car:

From the city of Mérida, drive south on the Itzáes Avenue (which leads to the airport) and follow the signs to Umán (municipality near Mérida), upon arrival in Umán follow the signs to another municipality called Muna, and to the middle of the On the road between these two destinations you will see on the road a sign pointing to “Cacao” that you will follow to arrive later at San Antonio Mulix where the cenotes are located.



Life jacket

Price: $20.00 mxn


Price: $40.00


Price: $100 mxn

Descripcion: $100 mxn

To travel the roads between the cenotes round trip if you do not have a car.



Price: $ 25 Mexicans, divers and foreigners $ 50, children under 7 years free.

Schedule: Access from 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., close 5:20 p.m.

About of

Destination | attraction
Cenotes of San Antonio Mulix (Dzonbacal and X’batun)
San Antonio Mulix


Meaning of the name
In Mayan language the word “Mulix” refers to things that are curly, mostly to describe people with curly hair.

According to the oral tradition San Antonio Mulix is ​​the name of the locality, and it is named after the friar of Franciscan order San Antonio Padua who possibly had curly hair, a characteristic that is not common in Mayan features.
On the other hand, the cenote called Dzonbacal can be interpreted as a “bone gun of the cob” taking the words of the Mayan language ts’oon = weapon and bakal = maize cob bone, or cenote of the cob bone.

The cenote X’batún interpreted as hug to the stone or entangled in the stone of the words Baak ‘= around or hug and Tuunich = stone.


In San Antonio Mulix, these two cenotes (Dzonbacal and Xbatún) are separated by 900m from each other.

They are managed by a tourism cooperative that charges access, offers restaurant services and bicycle rental.

Prices for tickets, activities and transportation may vary over time.

Where to eat

Cenotes Restaurant

Horario: 9:00am – 4:00pm


Poc-chuuk traditional grilled pork $100, $ 50 lime soup, beer and totillas handmade.

Price range: $50.00 a $100.00


They serve regional dishes in a well-built palapa in the ecotourism center.

Where to sleep:


Price range: $600.°°


For 5 people


The weather in San Antonio Mulix

Temperature between 26 – 28 ° C, rainfall between 800 – 1 100 mm, Warm subhumid with rain in summer, with lower humidity (100%)