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Sinkhole “casa cenote/cenote manatí” | Quintana Roo Mx

Cenote Manatí, explore the red mangrove and discover a new ecosystem; Here you can practice diving, cave diving, snorkeling and swimming.

In the background you can see the roots of the mangrove, the tunnels between the rocks and the land of the mangrove and a great variety of living beings.

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How to get

How to get to Casa Cenote by public transport:

From Tulum
Take a van type van in the central avenue of Tulum to Playa del Carmen, the destination is almost halfway, the entrance is marked by the following signs: “Casa Cenote” and “Pavo Real Beach Resort”.

Before taking the truck, ask the driver to get off in this part, from the entrance to the road you must walk 2 km until you reach the cenote manatee.

Truck $ 40.00 approx.


How to get to Casa Cenote by car:

The cenote is located on the Tulum – Playa Del Carmen road, located closer to the town of Tulum, when driving you should follow the signs: “Casa Cenote” and “Pavo Real Beach Resort”, try to go slow to return.

When entering, follow the sandy path and turn left at the end, until you reach the cenote manatee where you will find parking.



Price: $70 -120 mxn aprox

About of

Destination | attraction:
Manatee Cenote or Cenote House
Quintana Roo


Near the coast an immense ecosystem of mangroves develops, in some parts sprout water eyes (springs) that fill the spaces with fresh water.

This place is not exactly a cenote since it does not have characteristics similar to an underground cavern, but many consider it for its tunnels and caves under the mangrove.

The mangroves are very special, the organisms of these ecosystems adapted to an environment of fresh and salt water at the same time.

This cenote is an excellent place to observe the biodiversity that exists in the mangroves; algae, rock formations, various fish, birds and crustaceans.

This cenote is very close to the sea and for that reason its water is brackish, allowing the life of many marine and freshwater organisms, it is possible to observe small crocodiles, a great variety of fish and birds.

It is possible to do cave diving in the tunnels that extend below the mangrove (service hired in diving agencies), in the place it is possible to rent life vests, kayaks for a drier ride and also paddle boards.


This destination is between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, we recommend visiting it as part of another route.

Prices and other data may vary over time, please notify us of any changes.