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Sinkhole Kopoma Cenote | Yucatán Mx

Cenote Kopoma. This cenote was discovered when the locals tried to build a well to extract water, the surprise was an underground cavern that extended under his house.

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How to get

How to get to Kopomá by public transport:

From the city of Mérida take a bus in the bus terminal located on 69th street between 68th and 7th of the center towards the town Kopomá, you can take another one to Maxcanú (a village later) but you must make sure that you can get off earlier in the town Kopomá

The cenote is in a house behind the baseball field (10th street between 21 and 17), the house is located almost behind the stands, it has no signs so you can ask with local citizens.


How to get to Kopomá by car:

From the center of Mérida, it leads to Itzáes Avenue and then to the south, following the signs to the town of Uman, then the town of Chocholá until arriving at Kopomá.

When you arrive at the town, look for Calle 10 between 21 and 17, where the Kopomá cenote house is located, as a reference you can look for the baseball field.



Price: $10.00 mxn

About of

Destination / Attraction:
Cenote kopomá


In the town of Maxcanú is this cenote, located in the backyard of a house, under the structure of a well is the entrance.

The cenote has a very low depth (approx 1.3m), inside it is illuminated with electric light.


The family built a well to extract water, the surprise was to find an underground cavern right in the patio of their house.


It does not take a full day to enjoy this cenote, it is worth incorporating it as part of a route when visiting the Oxkintok ruins or the Calcehtok caves.

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