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Sisal beach paradise | Yucatán Mx

Playa Sisal is a small fishing port characterized by its tranquility and natural environment, the beach is of low depth and fine sand.

In the surroundings you will find few restaurants and several economic or homemade cuisines, this was the main seaport of Yucatan, now it is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beach.

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How to get

How to get to Sisal beach by public transport:

From the center of the city of Mérida take a collective transport van to the village of Hunucmá in the taxi terminal “Mérida-Hunucmá” F.U.T.V. on 64th street between 65 and 67 (the building is old and discolored red-brown) three and a half streets away from the downtown cathedral.

The price of the trip does not exceed $ 20.00

Once you arrive at the Hunucmá village, you will take another collective transport van in the direction of Sisal port, this transport will leave you in the central park 4 blocks from the beach.

How to get to Sisal beach by car:

Drive from the city of Merida on the avenue Jacinto Canek towards the police station Caucel, before passing Caucel is the last gas station on the way (in Sisal there is another gas station), follow the signs to the Hunucma village and then to Sisal .

Approximately 1 hour 40 min journey.


Toilette / showers

Price: $10.00

Descripcion: $10.00

In the restaurants that are near the pier you can use the sanitary service, only a restaurant has public showers

About of

Destination | attraction


Small fishing port, characteristic for its tranquility and natural environment, the beach is of low depth and fine sand; in the surroundings you will find few restaurants and several cheap or homemade kitchens.


For 270 years Campeche was the main port of the peninsula until February 13, 1810, when the port was opened in Santa María de Sisal for the unloading of ships from Havana, from here the first exports of Yucatan were made .

When the new high altitude port in Progreso de Castro Sisal emerged, it became a quiet town with mainly fishing activity.

Empress Carlota arrived at Sisal on November 22, 1865 on the steamboat “Tabasco”


Do not forget to visit the fort of Santiago in the center of the town built to protect the citizens of pirates, the lighthouse, the former customs, the reconstructed pier.

Prices for tickets, activities and transportation may vary over time.

Where to sleep:



The beach is free, you can camp in it while you respect the area and pick up your trash, leaving the best place of how you found it.


The weather in Sisal

The region where the municipality is located is warm-semi-dry with rain in summer. It has an average annual temperature of 26º C and an average annual rainfall of 1,200 millimeters. The prevailing winds come northwest.