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Sumidero Canyon National Park | Chiapas Mx

Enjoy a boat tour through the most representative geological fault of Chiapas, the Sumidero Canyon.

The formation of this canyon happened in the Pleistocene period (36 million years ago) caused by a geological fault, integrated by pits that opened their way with the erosion of water, this river was considered one of the largest in Mexico for many years. , very quickly and violently.

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How to get

How to get to Sumidero Canyon P.N. by car:

From Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Take a collective transport van on the central avenue corner with 13th Street South East, choose the route to “Chiapa de Corzo” (transfer 35min) and once you arrive warn the driver you want to descend into the central park (you will recognize it by the emblematic structure of Chiapa de Corzo called “Fuente Mudéjar”).

From the park walk 2 streets to the pier in the direction of the river, many sellers will offer different prices, be sure to choose the one of your preference and during the boat ride through the Sumidero Canyon we recommend you be careful with the caps and lenses that can be detached for the intense watching, buy water or any drink because the tour is 2 hours.


From San Cristóbal de las Casas
Take a van (collective transport) on the international highway, between Insurgentes Avenue and Benito Juárez Street, 8 blocks from the central park.

Do not take a bus because they will not let you descend to the terminal in Tuxtla Gtz.

Take the route to Tuxtla Gtz, after passing the cobra booth at the entrance to Tuxtla ask the driver to descend where you can take the combis to Chiapa de Corzo; You do not need to get to Tuxtla, after the booth about 1km there is a yellow bridge next to a police control, you can go down that street and take the bus to Chiapa de Corzo because it is very close to there.


How to get to the Sumidero Canyon by car:

From the city Tuxtla Gtz. Drive to the east (east) exit to Chiapa de Corzo, this section has no fee or toll, the journey will be 45min from the center of the city by traffic lights and traffic.

You can drive on all the central avenue until you reach the exit, as a reference you will observe along the avenue “La Torre Chiapas”, “Parque Chiapasionate”, “Plaza Poliforum”.

The avenue will become a road at the end, you will cross a bridge over the Grijalva River, from this bridge you can see the beginning of the Sumidero Canyon; then follow the signs to Chiapa de Corzo, park near the central park or nearby and get your boat ride on the pier located 2 blocks from the central park.


Boat tour

Price: $190 a $200 mxn

Schedule: 8:00am – 5:00pm


2 hours tour (70 km round trip) on the Grijalva river that crosses the Canyon.


Make sure you put the bracelet to access the National Park, carry drinks in a backpack for the journey and food (cookies, fruit, etc.) Your items will not get wet on the ride.

Walk by Chiapa de Corzo town

Price: $00.00

Schedule: 8:00am a 7:00pm (handcraft shops)


Around the park there are several craft stalls, drinks, and regional foods.

About of

Destination | Attraction
Sumidero Canyon National Park
Chiapa de Corzo


Meaning of the name
The mexicas called in Nahuatl language this place “Chicoasentepec” interpreted as: six hills.


A boat ride through the Sumidero Canyon for two hours, the weather is warmer than in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, we recommend wearing shorts, cool shirts, caps and sunscreen.


The formation of this canyon happens in the Pleistocene period (36 million years ago) caused by a geological fault, integrated by pits that opened their way with the erosion of water, this river was considered one of the largest in Mexico. , very quickly and violently.

The pre-Hispanic era of this area began in the year 7000 BC. justified with the discovery of animal bone remains, farming tools, splitters, scrapers, ceramics, knives and a burial with four skeletons.

It is thought that between 1500 and 1000 a.C. there were other cultural groups, for the year 1523 the Mayan culture and derivations of this had been developed; The Chiapanecas occupied the territory of the central depression when the Spaniards arrived.


During the boat trip we recommend bringing small food, drinks, sunscreen, pants and long-sleeved shirts, as the boats have no roof to admire the landscape.

Prices for tickets, activities and transportation may vary over time.

Where to eat

Regional Market

Horario: 8:00am a 7:00pm


We recommend trying the Baked Chochito, natural drink "pozol" and the traditional bakery.

Price range: Traditional dishes $30.00 - $50.00 mxn


You will find typical dishes of Chiapa de Corzo, they are different to all the other municipalities of Chiapas, all to gastronomy is different in each municipality.