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Waterfalls “Ch’en Ulich” las golondrinas | Chiapas Mx

Waterfalls ch’en ulich, The Tzeltales observed how the swallows entered the caves of the waterfall crossing the stream of water, and called them Ch’en Ulich.

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How to get

How to get to Las Golondrinas by public transport:

Palenque village – Ch’en Ulich waterfalls
In the roundabout “Mayan head” takes a collective transport to the cruise “shupà”, there takes another transport to the “new palestine” cruise on federal highway 307.

You can also take a minivan from Palenque to the “new palestine” cruise

In the cruise there is a taxi site that can take you to the ecotourism center

They are 9.7 km from the cruise to the ecotourism center.

Transportation prices
$ 10.00 palenque – “Shupà”. (Van)
$ 40.00 “shupà” – “new palestine”. (Minivan)
$ 80.00 “new palestine” – ecotourism center. (Cab)
$ 60.00 Palenque- “new Palestinian”. (Minivan)

Travel time:
3:10 h approx. Palenque – Palestinian
20 min approx. New Palestine – ecotourism center


How to get to Las Golondrinas by car:

Palenque village – Ch’en Ulich waterfalls
Drive to the roundabout “Mayan head” in the city of Palenque and take the deviation to the ruins of Palenque on Highway 199, you will arrive at a cruise named “Shupà”; take the deviation (left) towards Bonampak or Yaxchilan until you reach the new Palestinian cruise, on the crossing turn right following the signs to the ecotourism center.

118 km apox. Palenque – New Palestinian Cruiser
9.7 km Cruise – ecotourism center


Toilette / showers

Life jacket

Price: $50 mxn

Hammock rent

Price: $100 mxn



Price: $30.00

Schedule: Horario libre


> You can arrive at any time, there is always someone taking care of the ecotourism center and they can rent cabins at the time you arrive


There is no telephone signal in the ecotourism center, they use radio to communicate with the town.

About of

Destination | attraction
Chén Ulich waterfalls “the swallows”
New Palestine


Meaning of the name
Cave of swallows is named after this place that in the Tzeltal language is written “Ch’en Ulich”, named for the small birds known as “swallows” that enter the caves under the waterfall through the water jet, thus protecting themselves of its predators.


A series of medium waterfalls, accompanied by restaurant, parking and rustic cabins.

It is a very suitable place to rest because the sound of the waterfalls can be heard in all areas, as well as the wooden stairs and corridors to reach the top where the waterfalls begin.


We recommend visiting the Sak Tz’i archaeological site that is located near this destination.

Prices for tickets, activities and transportation may vary over time.

Where to eat

Restaurants place

Horario: 8:00 – 17:00


Chuleta de res $80.00
Milanesa de pollo $80.00
Pollo a la plancha $80.00
Carne asada $80.00
Caldo de pollo $60.00
Coktel de frutas $20.00
Huevo al gusto $50.00

Price range: $50.00 a $80.00 MXN

Where to sleep:


Price range: $250.00 a $350.00


The cabins have a double bed and a single bed, limit 3 people.


01 919 488 066 2 Martín Gómez López, reservation one day in advance.