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Zipolite Nude Beach | Oaxaca Mx

During the 1950s, Zipolite was simply a virgin area and some people temporarily cultivated in the area. Time later during the 70’s many learned about this place knowing of its great beauty.

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How to get

How to get to Zipolite beach by public transport:

From Oaxaca de Juárez, take a van (collective transport) at the “Líneas Unidas” transportation station located seven blocks from the Zócalo on Bustamante Street between Nuño street in the market / Xochitl and Arista / Burgoa street. The price of the ticket is $ 170 mxn traveling 6 hours to the coast of Oaxaca, the route is abundant in curves we recommend taking a pill for dizziness if you are prone to this effect.

The timetable for this route to Pochutla in “Líneas Unidas” starts at 2:00 am every 45 minutes, starting at 12 every 30 minutes, starting at 5 pm every hour and the last route travels around the 11:30 pm.

When you arrive in Pochutla (San Pedro Pochutla), the municipal seat takes another transport that will take you to Zipolite in the station of trucks in the Morelos street between Cárdenas avenue and Constitution. Nearby is the lender agency “Kondinero”.

The trucks take you in the punt (back) and are roofed with canvas, are 16 km to Zipolite from Pochutla.


How to get to Zipolite beach by car:

Before giving directions, we recommend driving during the day due to the abundant number of corners. If you are not used to or have no experience in this type of narrow road with curves in the mountains, we recommend you go by public transport.

From the city of Oaxaca de Juárez (capital), drive south on Highway 175, 6 to 7 hours to Zipolite; As a reference question how to get to “San Bartolo Coyotepec” (where they work the black mud) which is one of the first settlements on the road, after this takes as reference “Ocotlán de Morelos”.

Later on the road after passing through “San José del Pacifico” take the deviation to San Miguel Suchixtepec, then, in the other direction you will go to another part of the coast. There is nothing better than following the signs to “Pochutla” and then driving to Zipolite, but we wrote these instructions in case you need them.

About of

Destination | Attraction:
San Pedro Pochutla


Meaning of the name:
The interpretation that we have found by oral tradition is “The city of the dead” in Zapotec language.

The urban legend tells that the Zapotecs buried their dead here, but there is no reliable source on this theory.


Zipolite is a town located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, belongs to the municipality of Pochutla (San Pedro Pochutla), this beach is popularly known as a nudist place because of the tolerance that hoteliers and restaurant owners have on the shore of the beach.

The approximate beach extension is 1.80km and there are scattered restaurants, bars, coffee shops, villas and condominiums.


During the 50s Zipolite was simply a virgin area, some people temporarily cultivated in the area, but during the 70’s many hippies groups learned about this place with great beauty of unspoiled nature and began to become popular with them, swimming naked , they drank alcohol and consumed psychotropic substances.

Some claim that Zipolite is known as the beach of the dead by people who tried to swim while intoxicated and drowned.

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