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Kefda Viajero


Yax-ha cenote [sinkhole] Yucatán Mx

Cenote Yax-há, of closed type and under water a flooded vault extends with immense darkness, green water is its name, but the color of its water is crystal blue. Located between the ejido Cacao an...

Ik kil cenote [sinkhole] Yucatán Mx

Cenote ik-kil, of open type with almost cylindrical walls, the height of the superficial floor to the surface of the water is 26 m, diameter on the water of 60 m and depth of the surface at the bottom...

Cuzamá cenotes [sinkholes]. Yucatán Mx

Cenotes of Cuzamá. In a region where Henequen was formerly produced; Among the jungle are the rails that used to transport the fiber of this plant, and currently on them there is a tour to visit thre...