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waterfalls chiapas

El Chorreadero Waterfalls | Chiapas Mx

Very close to Chiapa de Corzo the shotgun river opens up under the mountain, which flows in the dark cave of a canyon forming waterfalls and pools where we can bathe. This natural formation has bee...

El Chiflón Waterfalls | Chiapas Mx

They are located in the southeastern part of the state, the waterfalls descend from the highest mountain and their water is extremely cold, the ecotourism center Cascadas El Chiflón offers a wide var...

Waterfalls “Ch’en Ulich” las golondrinas | Chiapas Mx

Waterfalls ch'en ulich, The Tzeltales observed how the swallows entered the caves of the waterfall crossing the stream of water, and called them Ch'en Ulich. ...