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The marquesita, regional dessert of Yucatan.

Without a doubt it is one of the least known Mexican desserts in the country, those who have visited Yucatan know what we are talking about but in this state it is the most popular.

How are marquesitas made?

First a mixture is prepared very similar to ice cream wafers, placed between two plates of great thickness that press the liquid mass and it is turned to be heated on both sides; before hardening and rolling it some ingredients are placed like: cheese, almond cream, condensed milk, banana, strawberry, etc.

The result is a wafer identical to that used in ice cream, only this time it is rolled with ingredients mentioned above inside.

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If I travel to Yucatan, where can I eat a marquesita?

In almost all the parks of the city you will find one or more tricycles that prepare marquesitas, mostly in the evenings, either from the city of Mérida or from other neighboring municipalities: Valladolid, Umán, Muna, Puerto Progreso, etc.

One of the best marquesitas are in Valladolid, in the post of Tío Bat, is the man you’ve seen in all the previous photos and you can find it almost every afternoon in the central park of Valladolid.

Have you eaten a marquesita?

Tell us where you have tasted the richest, where you ate it and how you would like to prepare this dessert.

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