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Welcome to Mexico, home of ancestral native people, amazing nature, culture, gastronomy, history and incredible landscapes

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The territory has a long length from north to south and that is why its geography is so diverse, that  allows the development of many ecosystems, giving life to incredible biodiversity. Its culture is very rich in terms of traditions and lifestyles. Mexico has so many tourist attractions, international travelers are surprised to discover and explore  the great variety of landscapes, nature and culture; there is no better tourist place because everything depends on the perspective, but surely, Mexico offers a wide range of destinations that will make any trip a great life experience to remember for ever.

Come to live the culture and discover this amazing place on earth!


Mexico is considered a "megadiverse" country, since it is part of the select group of nations with the greatest number and diversity of animals and plants, almost 70% of the world's species. Source: Mexican biodiversity.


In 2010 Mexico was registered by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, for its variety and incredible gastronomy/traditional cuisine, a real treasure. Ancient Mexicans learned to transform nature to feed, creating delicious drinks, sauces, cultivation techniques, cooking utensils, cooking methods and distillation. That's why each state, municipality and region, prepare many tasty dishes.

Culture & History

Mexico is a inhabited territory for more than 30,000 years a.C. , its geography has natural borders that separated original peoples by regions, allowing the development of many lifestyles. It's thought that corn is native of this land and since the tribes learned their domestication through cultivation the population grew strong for a good nutrition, allowing the human development that gave rise to these cultures. Currently there are many languages and indigenous peoples, 68 linguistic groups and 70 indigenous peoples have been cataloged according to the INPI (National Institute of Indigenous Peoples). Some of these peoples/cultures are named: Mayas, Nahuas, Totonacos, Kikapúes, Lacandones, Zapotecos, Tsotsiles, Tseltales, Yaquis, Triquis, P'urepechás, Tekos, Mixes, among others.


Welcome to the Mayab, entrance to the Mayan world

Yucatan is a very special destination; among its most outstanding tourist attractions to visit are the cenotes, grottos that can be explored to get to know the underground world, majestic cities of the Mayan culture, popular expressions through regional dances, delicious cuisine, the accent and Mayan language that still lives with great force spoken by a large population; and of course a great diversity of flora and wildlife that can be appreciated in the jungle.


Enjoy the Caribbean Sea in Mexico, the Mayan Coast

Quintana Roo is an excellent destination to enjoy sun and beach, with tropical climate and jungle environment; Cancun is one of the most famous destination; among its most outstanding tourist attractions the traveler can enjoy: the cenotes, coastal mangroves with crystal clear water, shallow turquoise blue beaches, diving spots in the Mesoamerican reef and archaeological sites of ancient cities of the Mayan culture.


The valley surrounded by mountain ranges

Excellent destination for ecotourism, trekking and hiking; one of its most valuable attractions is gastronomy since all regions change their dishes thanks to the diversity of ingredients offered by the nature of its changing geography; The capital city of Oaxaca is located in the central valleys surrounded by the mountain ranges.


Amazing nature landscapes

Chiapas is one of the most biodiverse states of Mexico, among its tourist attractions the traveler enjoy: waterfalls, geological formations (canyons), biosphere reserves, cities of the Mayan civilization in the jungle and a great cultural heritage of the native people.


A territory to explore full of adventure

It's one of the least known destinations in southern Mexico, Campeche has very good and large  biosphere reserves in which ecotourism activities are carried out; among its tourist attractions you can visit: cenotes, lagoons, ancient cities of the Mayan civilization, sun and beach destinations, impressive caves, pieces of crafts such as the famous panama hats made underground; The abundant nature in this place is due to its varied ecosystems.