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The valley surrounded by mountain ranges

Excellent destination for ecotourism, trekking and hiking; one of its most valuable attractions is gastronomy since all regions change their dishes thanks to the diversity of ingredients offered by the nature of its changing geography; The capital city of Oaxaca is located in the central valleys surrounded by the mountain ranges.

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Home of incredible artisans, here its possible to appreciate the creations that express ancestral ideologies. Traditional clothing, sculptures, jewelry and pottery are some examples of what you can observe.

Oaxaca is home of a great variety of native people, this can be seen in the festival called Guelaguetza in which the 8 regions participate, dancing with their regional clothing.


Oaxaca is located in southern Mexico, from another perspective it is a transition between the center and south of the country, its mountain are like a natural border that somehow separate culture and lifestyles.

Capital of Oaxaca: Oaxaca de Juárez.

IATA Airport code: OAX

Image on the cover: original black clay sculptures made in San Bartolo Coyotepec town.

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