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Welcome to the Mayab, entrance to the Mayan world

Yucatan is a very special destination; among its most outstanding tourist attractions to visit are the cenotes, grottos that can be explored to get to know the underground world, majestic cities of the Mayan culture, popular expressions through regional dances, delicious cuisine, the accent and Mayan language that still lives with great force spoken by a large population; and of course a great diversity of flora and wildlife that can be appreciated in the jungle.

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It is located to the south of Mexico, in the northwest tip of the peninsula, it has borders with the states of Campeche to the east and Quintana Roo to the west, it’s an area very different from the rest of the country in terms of culture and geography, many people refer to Yucatan as another world because it’s so different, without a doubt  it’s a mandatory destination for travelers who appreciate the cultural identity of native people and nature.

Capital of Yucatán: Mérida.

IATA Airport code: MID (in Mérida)

Cover image: underwater landscape of a cenote in Yucatán.

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